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Welcome to Wose International Films . Our website offers a wide variety of training videos, films and documentaries on indigenous African cultures and related disciplines, that cover a range of martial arts from Africa, including Dambe, Musangwe, and Senegalese Wrestling. This will also include epic films of various genres that show historical and mythological stories from an indigenous African perspective, both ancient and contemporary.


Exclusive Dambe Boxing instructional Sample clip; Originally filmed 2005.

Here via this site you will be able to support African centred endeavours of traditional african martial arts and pushing the culture forward.


Dambe warriors squaring up

Wose International Films (WIF) is an official streaming platform displaying films, documentaries music videos and monthly magazines both hard copy and download version for purchase. The content will focus on elements of indigenous African warrior cultures and related disciplines like, philosophy, indigenous science and spiritual systems. Africa was largely colonised by suppression of the warriors traditions. Only in Ethiopia when the different warrior cultures united was western colonisation stopped. 

Wose warrior with axe

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